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Michiana Savings Club offers you FREE access to incredible deals on a daily, weekly, and weekend basis. All deals are exclusively sent out via email and are redeemable according to the terms and conditions of the coupon. We also have a directory of local business, upcoming events in the Michiana Area, and featured Non-Profits on a monthly basis for you to connect with the community even more!

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Daily Deals are exclusive offers sent out via email once a week as well as featured on our Facebook Page. The coupon that is sent out is only sent out via the ONE exclusive bundle email each Monday. The terms, conditions, and the expiration of the coupon depend upon the businesses conditions. Coupons are sent exclusively via email and are redeemable with that specific business.

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We know that having a family and finding things to do can feel exhausting on top of figuring out how to fit it within budget and save some money! This is why we decided to have an exclusive offer sent out each weekend with participating family coupons and activities listed just for you!

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Weekly Bundle Deals head out the beginning of each week and include the entire weeks worth of savings (excluding the coupons for the weekend family deals).

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Every month we will be featuring a different non-profit within the community that gives back and makes a positive impact in the lives of others. Check back soon as we launch this program and see different opportunities for how you can volunteer or donate to their needs!

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Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill

Restaurant Feature

Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill is a family owned restaurant located at 507 E. Mckinely Ave. in Mishawaka. It all started in 2011 Megan was in her Junior year at college and Wilmar was working hard at his job as a waiter. One chilly Sunday afternoon, while Megan was home from college, she decided to have lunch at Mazatlan with her family. It was during this unassuming lunch that Wilmar and Megan met. Despite a language barrier and different backgrounds, Megan and Wilmar hit it off from the start.

They married in March of 2013 and shortly after had the surprise of being able to take over a struggling restaurant, Monterrey Mexican Grill. They were the perfect pair to take the risk of business ownership. Wilmar had over 10 years experience in the restaurant industry and Megan had worked many different business office jobs during her summers home from college. In the winter of 2014 they decided to move Monterrey into a bigger location that had become available for rent. It just so happened to be the building where Mazatlan had been and where they had first met. To this day you can visit the spot where Wilmar and Megan first met and the journey began.

Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill | Authentic Mexican Food Served Fresh Daily


Wonderful place. Food was great, drinks were cheap. We had a party of 12 and the waiter was able to deal with our crazy and keep everything straight. Excellent service all around!

Sarah P.

Friendly service, great food, and good prices. Margaritas are amazing and our favorite dish is the chicken and shrimp dinner.

Brayan T.

Great food, drinks and service in a comfortable atmosphere!

Kimberly S.

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